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Empowered Wellness

Unlock Your Holistic Lifestyle: A Journey to Discover Your Energetic Signature Are you ready to uncover your unique energetic signature and embrace a holistic lifestyle? Our online program offers the tools and knowledge you need to live authentically and align with your true self. With a direct and authentic approach, we provide supportive resources to guide you on your wellness journey. Program Overview: Phase 1: Rooting Down in Self-Love (Taurus) Session 1: Lay the Foundation & Track Your Habits Session 2: Understand the 5 Aspects of Holistic Health and Utilize Your Inner Compass Session 3: Discover the Body You Reside In Session 4: Lean Into Modern Mysticism Phase 2: Discovering Your Emotional Intelligence (Pisces) Session 5: Identify Yourself in the Stars with Astrology Session 6: Deepen Your Mind-Body Connection with Breathwork Session 7: Tune Into Your Subtle Body with Yoga Session 8: Incorporate Rituals and Ceremonies in Transitional Times Phase 3: Return to Your Sun (Aries) Session 9: Embrace Modern Holistic Living Session 10: Discover Kitchen Medicine and Build Your Holistic Health Kit Session 11: Strengthen Your Intuition by Applying Your Tools Session 12: Connect to Your Higher Self and Live in the Flow Bonus Offerings: 35% Off Treatments for 3 Months Natal Reading Monthly Coaching Call: Receive one-on-one support with a monthly call to answer any questions and provide further guidance on your wellness journey. Take the Next Step: Ready to unlock your holistic potential and live in alignment with your true self? Join our program today and embark on a transformative journey to discover your energetic signature and embrace a holistic lifestyle.

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