I went from feeling disconnected and living a life with no directions. To feeling whole complete and perfect while living life on purpose.


Before I applied the wisdom of yoga and astrology. Before I ever had a plan for my future.

There was a girl leading A seemly happy, and carefree lifestyle. But deep down that girl was wounded and afraid.

Scared to death of putting my past out there I was urged to learn energy medicine. The timing was perfect and I chose to dive deeply. Not only was I able to clear traumas (some of what I remember and some I did not) that my body has been holding onto. I did not have to talk about them to anyone my body did the work. I was also able to reconnect to my highest purpose, using yoga, astrology, reiki, and breathwork. That of which helped me gain empowerment of my wellness.


I now live intentionally guiding others to remove past traumas that are held in the body using breathwork and reiki. And educate them on how to lead a modern holistic life by cultivating their own yoga and understand themself a little more using astrology.

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