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I didn’t understand it then but I was always disconnected from my body and from everything/everyone else. I never knew what it meant to be connected until I learned energy medicine and felt my spirit return to my body did I ever feel love for myself.


The reason why I took this action is that I became educated. After learning about holistic health and how unhealed trauma can manifest as a disease. I knew I had to take action. I gained independence in my wellness by studying, reading, asking questions, working in the industry, applying tools to myself, and gaining a sense of empowerment. 


INSPIRATION for others.


You don't have to feel lost and alone anymore. You can find direction, purpose, and connection – all through holistic education. There is a missing link in self-care that can empower you to take control of your life. I'm here to guide you through it. Offering you a better sense of self and helping you live a more empowered life.

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About Ashley

01. Holistic Health Practitioner

I'm a certified Holistic Health practitioner since 2012. Where I studied such topics as Holistic Nutrition, Herbal application, and the Theory of Chinese medicine.

02. Yogi + Astrologer 

I am a 500 - hour Ashtanga yoga instructor, passionate about teaching the basics so you can practice confidently outside of a class. I am certified in astrology and am currently studying medical astrology. 

03. Dual licensed Massage therapist + Esthetician

I've been in the wellness field working in high-end hotel spas as well as local wellness centers. Since 2007 as a licensed massage therapist and esthetician. 



I used good intentions in everything (both intentionally and naturally) because I felt it my duty to send an energetic message to EVERYONE I worked with that I SEE THEM and LOVE them. (nobody fully knew my pains and sorrows. I looked like a nice healthy woman probably with an easy non-traumatic past) So I felt deeply about treating EVERY single one of my clients the exact same way without judgment and with pure love. -- Again this was all energetic, at the end of my session more times than not my clients would express to me their gratitude for my intentions and love ……... WoW, that filled my cup so I continue to do that and why I choose Good Intentions Wellness to be how I represent myself now.


To inspire all who are curious about the power of holistic modalities to learn to apply these teaching to their modern-day life to become empowered to lead the life they desire.


We are all a product of our environment, which, we can adapt, advance, or dismiss. Our bodies are intelligent innate healers we just have to learn their language - The moment you feel a feeling you're turning on your mind-body connection - your subconscious


Journey with me to discover the healthiest verson of yourself to achieve your wildest dreams 

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