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Holistic Health practitioner, offering self care treatment and education

How it
all started.

I didn't understand it at the time, but I always felt disconnected from my body and everyone/everything else. I didn't know what it meant to feel connected until I learned about energy medicine. It was only then that my spirit returned to my body, and I learned to love myself.

I took action because I became educated. After learning about holistic health and how unhealed trauma can manifest as a disease, I knew I had to take action. I gained independence in my wellness journey by studying, reading, asking questions, working in the industry, applying tools to myself, and gaining a sense of empowerment.

Inspiration for others.

You don't have to feel lost and alone anymore. Holistic education can help you find direction, purpose, and connection. There's a missing link in self-care that can empower you to take control of your life, and I'm here to guide you through it. I offer guidance to help you achieve a better sense of self and live a more empowered life.

Start incorporating these practices with Empowered Wellness, a program that includes all the holistic tools I've collected, refined, and combined to help you live your optimal life!

Yoga, Meditation

01. Holistic Health Practitioner

I'm a certified Holistic Health Practitioner with over a decade of experience, starting in 2012. My expertise encompasses a profound understanding of holistic health practices, encompassing herbal remedies and principles derived from Chinese Medicine. My studies have also exposed me to the realm of Holistic Nutrition, revealing how nature's bounty can harmonize with the body's innate healing capabilities. Through these experiences, I've gained a profound appreciation for the intricate mechanisms of the human body, igniting a fervent desire to guide and support others on their journey to optimal health and wellness.

02. Yogi + Astrologer 

With 500 hours of experience as an Ashtanga yoga instructor, my goal is to impart the fundamental principles and philosophy of yoga, allowing you to delve deeper into the practice, both physically and spiritually. Additionally, I am a certified astrologer, offering unique insights into your natal chart to guide informed decisions about your life and career. Let me recommend tailored holistic practices, aligning with your personal values and goals, to help you lead a healthy, balanced life.

03. Licensed Massage therapist + Esthetician

Since 2007, I've been immersed in the wellness field, accumulating invaluable experience within high-end hotel spas and local wellness centers. I've had the privilege of collaborating with respected holistic practitioners who have generously shared their expertise, allowing me to seamlessly incorporate their techniques into my own practice. Holding licenses as both a massage therapist and a holistic esthetician, I am dedicated to providing clients with the highest level of care. My in-depth knowledge of the body and skin ensure that clients receive top-tier treatment that aligns with holistic principles.

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My mission

I make it my mission to always act with good intentions, whether it comes consciously or subconsciously. While I may keep my own pains and sorrows to myself, it's my duty to transmit positive energy to my clients and let them know that I see and value them. Despite my seemingly healthy appearance, I am committed to treating all clients with impartiality and genuine fondness. I'm grateful that many of my clients consistently express their appreciation for my caring approach after every session, which motivates me to continue it. That's why I chose to name my practice Good Intentions Wellness - to reflect my sincere desire to help others.

My vision

If you're interested in holistic practices, my goal is to inspire you to integrate these teachings into your daily routine, empowering you to shape your own future. Your surroundings influence you, and you have the power to either develop, improve, or ignore them. Your body possesses innate healing abilities, and all you need to do is comprehend its language. Whenever you experience a sensation, you activate your mind-body connection and your subconscious mind.

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Ready to discover your healthiest self?
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