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Heal yourself from within

Experience deep transformation with a holistic approach. I provide personalized intuitive massage sessions to release tension and restore balance, a Reiki series to guide you from rebirth to vitality by aligning your energy, and a monthly membership providing collective Reiki, breathwork, and holistic resources. Elevate your journey here.

We are a great fit if

You are tired of putting the focus on the physical body and want to nourish all aspects of yourself;  mind, body & soul. 

You want to understand your body's symptoms on a deeper level.

You're interested in energy medicine such as astrology, breathwork, and reiki. 

You want to feel fully nourished after each session and you're ready to take action steps in gaining empowerment of your health.

Intuitive Massage

Sessions are uniquely customized to address your specific concerns and wellness goals. Each treatment blends traditional massage techniques with holistic healing practices such as Reiki, crystals, smudging, and fire cupping. This personalized approach targets both the physical and energetic bodies, creating a harmonious flow of energy that alleviates tension and promotes profound healing. By connecting deeply with your soul self, our intuitive massage fosters a unique and transformative experience, guiding you toward a state of balanced inner peace.

Reiki Rebirth

A week-long intensive healing journey using wisdom from your natal chart to understand and embrace your shadow self. This transformative series includes continuous support and four consecutive virtual Reiki sessions designed to promote a profound rebirth. Rather than a one-off session, this intensive approach allows for deeper healing, enabling you to release past pain, align with your true self, and start living the life you are meant to. By committing to this immersive experience, you gain the full benefits of sustained energy work, fostering lasting vitality and true embodiment.

Explore Moon Magic & Astrology Readings

Unlock cosmic insights with Mystic Moon Magic. Gain access to detailed moon energy analysis, star mythology, crystal healing, and tarot readings for clarity. Receive personalized support throughout the lunar cycle, helping you navigate life in harmony with cosmic forces. Join us for cosmic alignment!! Don't forget to have your Natal Chart handy, for enhanced insights while manifesting with the moon’s phases. If you do not know how to read it get your Natal Reading Here. 


About my journey 

"I didn't understand it at the time, but I always felt disconnected from my body and from everyone and everything else. Nobody could have known just by looking at me. How could they, when I didn't even know myself?


It wasn't until I learned about energy medicine and felt my spirit returning to my body that I finally understood what it meant to be connected. It was then that I was able to feel love for myself." feel love for myself."

Join The Healing Collective

Where we explore Reiki, breathwork, and astrology to enhance self-awareness and deepen our spiritual practices. As the founder of Good Intentions Wellness, I am passionate about guiding others toward holistic healing and personal transformation. Our mission is to foster a supportive community that nurtures expanded consciousness, healing, and the rebirth of your potential. Whether you're new or experienced, together we will break free from limitations and live our fullest lives. Plus, enjoy monthly collective healing sessions of breathwork and Reiki for ongoing support and wellness.

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