In-Person Offerings 

I am a multi-disciplined practitioner and like to provide a holistic approach to all offerings. Therefore everything I offer in each treatment will be included in the offering price. I strive to provide every offering equally and do not feel a need to provide a gratuity. I set our energy exchange to be an equivalent price.


I offer a variety of treatments and techniques all approached with the whole person in mind. All treatments are 75 minutes and $150. There are packages and membership price options as well to help you stay committed to your self-care. Take a brief scroll to see how I may best support you, in taking back control of your wellness.


A Japanese technique that uses the life force in all of us. Energy Therapy is the metaphysical language of the body, mind, and spirit. By combining specific energy techniques we can navigate through our own inner wisdom and support the universe in self-healing. Crystals + Aromatherapy can be used to enhance energy therapy and are used at the client's preference and the Practitioner's discretion. 


A form of kind of mental exercise. 

It involves sitting quietly, either in silence or with low, soft music playing, and trying to clear the mind while focusing on breathing. A guided meditation introduces a narrative component that helps the imagination take over in a positive, relaxing way. Techniques: Yoga Nidra, Chakra, Reiki, Yogic


 I am multi-modality trained and can customize your massage with a variety of complimentary add-ons. Trust you can communicate with me throughout the session as needed. This is your time, your body, and your money. I take into great consideration this energy exchange and encourage you to gain empowerment of your wellness.

Techniques offered: Acupressure, Chi Nei Tsang Fire cupping, Gua sha, Lymphatic drainage, Craniosacral, Thai, Reflexology, Crystals & Aromatherapy infusions.


 A guided therapeutic breath session supports you in self-healing. Breathwork analyzes current breathing patterns and opens restricted airflow to improve mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. This high vibrational energetic state allows for deep resolution by full integration of body, mind, and spirit. To bring about self-awareness, breathwork can include elements of affirmation, body mapping, and music in an uplifted and safe environment. Incorporates personal intentions and spiritual practices acceptable to all. 

1:1 Yoga

Find your flow on the mat and in life with a holistic approach to yoga. Guiding you through a practice where you will understand where the roots of yoga came from and how you can apply its teaching in your modern-day life. The practices of yoga serve our higher selves allowing us to flow through life with a little more ease, balance, and connection. 


I recognize that the skin is our largest living organ and that the food we eat is just as important as what we put onto our skin in restoring the body's harmony and vitality and in allowing the "chi" (energy) that connects us to all living things to flow. Products: Organic, Cruelty- Free, Environmentally friendly. Techniques Offered: TMJ release, Buccal, Gua Sha, Lymphatic, Crystals infusions

Still not sure what to book? 
My recommendation would be to book a 30-minute virtual Empowered Wellness Assessment. There we can discuss your health history and wellness goals, and I can then get a better understanding of how to support you. Then give you my advice on what to book. 


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What Our Clients Say

Not just a massage but an experience! For anyone who is navigating living a spiritual lifestyle and also has very little time for self-care - this helped me to really make the most of my time which made it easier for me to RECEIVE something absolutely essential to my well-being and ability to serve others.


Ashley's multi-faceted approach to bodywork energy work and guidance at the same time allowed me to be able to go into deep meditation for the entire process and come out with some incredible takeaways!  

- Sara