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Astro-Healing - Natal chart explored holistically

Astro-Healing - Natal chart explored holistically


Embark on a unique cosmic journey with our personalized Natal Chart Reading delivered via video response. Dive deep into the realms of your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, gaining profound insights into your cosmic identity. Enhance your self-discovery with a Chakra Assessment tailored to your natal chart, unlocking energy insights for holistic well-being.


What to Expect:In-Depth Insights:

Explore the intricate aspects of your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for a comprehensive understanding of your astrological profile.Chakra Alignment: Receive a personalized Chakra Assessment based on your natal chart, offering guidance on energetic balance and alignment.Custom Reiki & Meditation: Immerse yourself in a unique healing experience with a custom Reiki session and a meditation download designed to guide you through transformative healing. Not Live | Takes 3 Business Days to Receive


What Not to Expect:

This is not a live session. Your personalized video response will be delivered within 3 business days for you to explore at your convenience. Not Therapy: Please note that this offering is not a substitute for therapy or medical advice.


This Experience Is for You If:

You seek profound self-discovery through astrological insights.You are open to exploring and balancing your energy through a Chakra Assessment. You are ready to embrace personalized healing with custom Reiki and meditation. Embark on a cosmic exploration, unlocking the secrets of your celestial self and fostering holistic well-being.


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In order to proceed, kindly provide your birth information - time, date, and geographical location. The report will be delivered straight to your email inbox, so it's important to ensure that your email address is correct when you check out.

*Due to the digital nature of the product. No refunds will be accepted.